a blog about analytics stated in a recent blog post, “Very simply, you’re more likely to get face time with your prospects if you use email.”. That being said, how often do you scream your specials at your customers when you are face to face? More often then not you use that “face time” to get to understand their needs and discuss mutual points of interest. However when you send a email marketing campaign how many of them look like this?


The only useful information is the discount. It makes no connection to the reader, it offers a limited call to action, and it gives no product or service suggestion that is valuable to the reader. You have worked hard to create the opportunity to have this face time, shouldn’t it create more for your business than attention to the reduced price of your product or service? Often times we treat our email marketing like a digital street caller or one of those talented sign jugglers we see on the street corner rather than the sample servers at the grocery store. One is obnixously and desperately trying to get your attention while the other is offering you a sample of something your already looking for and just didn’t know it. focuses on helping it’s clients create email marketing content that creates value to the reader and the business. The more value you provide the more your readers the more they look forward to your emails.