Check out this great infographic from Social Media Today ( 7 Myths of Email Marketing). I want you to focus your attention to myth 1, 2, and 5 specifically. Clients are always telling us “I don’t want to over send to my list because I don’t want to flood them and run them away.” Well the truth is this, unless you are sending twice a day everyday and 3 times on Sunday, you aren’t flooding your client and they won’t go running. ( To that point, if your emails aren’t offering a good or service that they client is interested in then sending 1 email a month is flooding them and running them away). Emails are often read several days after they are received and even then are not acted upon until weeks later. So staying in front of your customers with content that they want is the only way to get the response from them that you are looking for. Being afraid to send valuable offers to your existing clients is costing your business money…….if its that simple why would you be afraid to make more money?