You are constantly trying to communicate with your clients. It doesn’t matter what your business is. You need to let your clients know what your service is, what it costs, and why it is important to them. We try to do this in several ways. If we have a physical location for clients to visit we try to make it more visible with Banners. Some of us believe in putting it in print, others like to cold call, but almost all of us resort to writing a email at some point and time. Be honest, how many emails do you write in a day? How many of them say the same thing to different people? An email is a cost effective and simple way to broadcast your business directly to many people. However most of us don’t take the time to ensure that message is effective and a good representation of our business. You would never buy a print ad in plain type face with NO call to action, and if you would (stop reading this post now) email marketing is not for you. So why send a plain type email without thought to how it presents your business to the client? Using a Email Marketing product should be simple, customizable, and personable. You should be sending a email that looks consistent to your brand, attracts the reader to your desired action, and has content that motivates people to share your message. Creating a Email Marketing program like this takes experience and that is where Inboxlead comes in. Let us help you make the most of the messaging you use the most!