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You really like struggling with layouts and font colors? It’s simply built for everyone, and designed around your brand and message.

Free Support & Updates

We truly care about our users & your final results which is why our businesses really use this software! You will too with free updates & the most incredible support around.

Blissful Layout Options

Inbox Leads includes so many different options and designs. Users can create custom designs and templates right from their account. Or you can ask for help!

Inbox Leads can help increase open rates and conversions. Let’s face it, if it doesn’t convert… Why are you doing it?! 

With over 400,000 emails sent and counting. Our advanced tracking integration will show you what is working and what is landing you in the dreaded Junk Mail!

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What Else? We Have the Tools that You Didn’t Know You Were Missing

Inbox Leads was designed to complement the way business really happens. Your communication touches are very important and should never be waisted on a “We forgot our monthly blast”. Communication planning and tracking allows you to automate the amazing service you intended on delivering. It’s okay, we know you meant to!
  • Fully Automated Timed Sales Emails
  • Auto Responders for New Subscribers and Leads
  • Custom Response based on State, Age, Gender, etc.
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Don’t Forget Branding is all about the Design and the Message!

You shouldn’t have to sacrifice your branding because the design is too hard to code. We give you the tools and the additional support to create beautifully design emails every time. Don’t have the time? Our support package can take that off your plate too!

Amazing Tools Build Amazing Brands

  • Fully responsive email design, so your content will always look good on any screen size
  • Browser Testing to ensure your email gets a chance
  • A-B Testing to see which subject lines get the most opens
  • Conversion Tracking to see where your links work the best
  • Resending ability to try again if your email didn’t get opened
  • Best of all, our support. We really do care if it works!

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